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10 Must-Have Elements for every Business Website – Part 3

In Part 1 & 2 of the blog post, we established that Your website is your digital home base; as it will be doing business for you 24 hours a day and help you reach your target audience in Qatar as well as the world, it is important for SMEs to focus on maintaining a good website with regular updates.

In Part -3 of the blog post, we highlight the importance of visual appeal, boosting website traffic with SEO and few more essential features for a new-age business website. Visually Appealing Images & Videos Costumers these days expect to be greeted to a rich, interactive web site experience. A visually appealing website goes a long way in keeping visitors on the site for a longer period of time. Consequently, prompting them to take action.

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Use photos that clearly depict the products or service and display them predominantly on the home page. Preferably, use large responsive images which conform to any screen size even whether a site visitor is viewing the image from desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

High-quality images also enhance social media visibility High-quality images have the most potential for being shared and liked by visitors. Depending on your business type, you can upload creative, casual or official images, videos, motion graphics infographics to promote your products and services and engage site visitors.

Take a look at the website we designed for Tammam Photography which makes optimal use of stunning images. . needless to say being a photography website, it had to have good images on display Search Engine Optimization A sound visual and technical design backed by good content are essential elements of a successful business website, but whats the point of having a great website if no one can actually find it.

If you want your website to been seen by search engines like Google and Bing, it is a must that it should be search engine optimized.

To start with, the best way to up your SEO is to make sure your content and images are all aligned with the keywords, metadata, and H1 and H2 tags on your site. The core message of each page on your website should have a keyword focus.  Good search engine optimization  is very essential for the visibility of the website sufficiently at the top of the search engine.

The site can be great, the products can be even better; still, if the website is unable to create an online space among the users, then you do not get your desired results.  Basic Google guidelines hold great importance in developing and launching a website, which must not be violated.

Social Media Integration Qatar is among the worlds most Internet connected countries, with individual Internet penetration levels reaching 88% among the highest in the Middle East and a social-media savvy population which stays connected on the go.  With a social media savvy population in Qatar, it is a great avenue to consider to promote your website on popular social media platforms.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are among the most popular social media networks in Qatar.  Take a look at  Whyte Company’s website to see how we strategically use the social media icons on our page to connect with site visitors and showcase our work.

Contact Us Page While providing the best ways to get in touch is an essential part of the contact page, there should be a little more thought put into it. No matter what industry or field you are involved with, an amazing contact page has the ability to entice visitors and convince them to either make a purchase or hire your services.

Search Engine Journal Adding contact information is a commonly overlooked detail when creating websites. Features of a good Contact us page Visual Appeal Well-Placed, Visible, Easy- to-find on website Functional Well-written Responsive Design Map While most websites are likely to have a Contact Us page in the sitemap, do provide some contact information on the About Us page.

It makes visitors happy as the information is easy to find and readily accessible. Take a look at our simple and functional contact us page We hope this blog post series addressed common concerns on what should be the key elements for a successful business website.

Team Whyte carefully evaluated the importance of all enlisted points and always designs websites that provide great functionality and leave their clients proud. After all the ultimate goal of a business website is to put your business in touch with innumerable exciting opportunities and potential customers.

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