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10 Must-Have Elements for every Business Website – Part 1

10 Must-Have Elements for every Business Website – Part 1

List of essential elements for Best Web design in QatarAn average of 4 seconds. . .

Did you know that is the general attention span of a website visitor? And seemingly a challenge to engage your potential clients in this short while.

A good business website is your most important digital asset in the online cosmos. It is the online face of the business and an important platform to deliver crucial updates, information and developments about the company.  Needless to say, with the mind boggling pace of new communications technology, the web design and development industry has witnessed a paradigm shift.

As one of the fastest-evolving website design companies in Qatar, we provide a fresh-perspective on minimizing bounce rates and improving website traffic to our clients vying for high website rankings.  Based on a general observation of companies in Qatar, Team Whyte jots down this first post of a 3-part series on few crucial elements your business website needs to stand out in the regions competitive cyberspace.

Get a Responsive Web Design so everyone is gung-ho on having a responsive website design and it does make more sense than ever to get one for your business. Why you ask? The advent of smartphones and tablets have altered how users access online information.

As in the rest of the world, internet users in Qatar also prefer smart phones and tablets to get connected online even though desktop surfing still dominates. So, why miss out on reaching out to your target audience for lack of utilizing modern and easily available technology. Get a responsive design for your  now.

Check out this best responsive web design Company in qatar, which Whyte Company created for Al Jaber Trading & Contracting W. L. L. , Qatar.  Opt for Seamless Navigation From side bars to menus in the header, footer or in a fixed frame that remains present anywhere in a website, navigation basically guides a site visitor through the website information often introducing facts in the order of relevance. Navigation should be clear, intuitive, easily accessible from any page/section of the website.

The navigation design needs to be consistent throughout the website and not confuse users as they surf from page to page. Hotrod Automotive Group’s Responsive Website is a good example of  a minimalist navigational style. Get a Compelling Home Page.

A home page need not just have a menu layout with some jargon laid About Us or Company Overview.  Get a home page which has character and is tweaked to suit your business type. A sliding web banner with eye-catching words works well and can be seen on many aesthetic websites.

Get the basics right by choosing a clean attractive design and good colour scheme. Focus on a less is more approach.  Make sure to place attractive, relevant and informative images on the homepage as well.  Did you know that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and that visuals are processed 60,000 x faster in the brain than text? (KISSmetrics 2013)Take a look at Qatar Auto Paint’s colorful homepage.

Read the next set of elements in Part 2….

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