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10 Must-Have Elements for every Business

10 Must-Have Elements for Every Business Website Part 2

 In Part 1, we highlighted few benefits of websites for small-to medium sized companies in Qatar, and how it helps promote their business in the region.

For Part-2 of the blog post, our team of Qatar developers highlights the importance of adopting latest web technologies for your web designs in Qatar.  These are some simple yet often overlooked features every business website needs to make a lasting impression on clients.

HTML5: If your website is more than a year old, you could be using HTML4 or (more likely) a version of XHTML. There’s nothing wrong with either, but Google and other search engines were the primary architects of HTML5 for a reason”HTML5 helps search engines correctly index pages – Yahoo Small Business

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HTML5 has improved web design standards, resulting in efficient web content and performance. Web gurus believe with the power of HTML5, a website will be able to have the same functionality and features as a native app on iOS or Android platforms. HTML5 also helps design better menus. You can consult your web design agency in Qatar, to understand how HTML5 plays a key role in improving your search engine ranking or SEO efforts in Qatar. Furthermore, it is hard to find website visitors in Qatar who are not accessing Internet from mobile or tablet devices.   As mobile browsers have completely embraced HTML5, you cannot really split responsive design and HTML5.

Call To Action.

A Call to Action message prompts your website visitor to take an immediate action on your website, thus putting them in direct touch with your business.

Web designers and digital marketers work closely to create the best Call to Action message in form of buttons, sign up forms or and test what works best for a website and its target audience.  Placement, size, colour and mostly importantly use of actionable words are key to crafting the best Call to Action message.   In its compilation on Rules of Effective CTA’s, Adweek, establishes elements like Alignment, Value, Urgency and Clear, Specific Copy as essential tips. Few common examples of CTA’s are: Sign up, Call now, Download, Buy now, etc. Quick facts:  53% of companies spend less than 5% of their total marketing budget on website optimization, despite the fact that a small uplift in conversion rates can translate into additional revenue. Don’t forget that a clear and effective CTA will help capture leads and turn web visitors into prospective sales.

Always Find Best Webdesign company :

Here’s a look at few of our web design works in Qatar that have incorporated a compelling CTA on the website.  Quality Website Content with incorrect factual data, grammatical errors, too-less or too-much information can alter overall impression for a site visitor. Although images and videos related to your product or service make a solid impact on the website visitor, one shouldn’t underestimate the power of words.

Focus on creating content that imparts information about your industry. For example, if you are a company dealing in engineering spare parts, you could use good quality images with point based technical description for every item on the page (should be very well-written) With a creative and hands-on approach to the content development process for web designing in Qatar, Whyte Events brings a unique local perspective to your content marketing efforts.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Your website content is a goldmine that can actually help increase website traffic in the long run. If you plan to improve your SEO efforts in Qatar, you have to work closely for On Page SEO elements and Off Page SEO elements to improve your website ranking and boost website traffic.

A strategic use of quality keywords and content which imparts relevant information for website visitors without merely focusing on search engine rankings can fetch impressive results.  Among the experienced and creative web design companies in Qatar, we specialize in designing websites which are a living breathing document that adapt to changing times and reflect the dynamic nature of your business.

Connect with Whyte Company to know how we combine processes to deliver web design solutions in Qatar that exceed you expectations.

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