2016 Web Design Trends to Follow

2016 Web Design Trends to Follow

Like each year, web design trends for 2016 pose exciting opportunities with enhanced UI & UX experiences for designers and website visitors. As top web development companies in Qatar take note of these progressive trends, our team of Qatar based web developers try to determine which of these web design trends will be used for optimizing web site experiences and conversions for clients and users across the region.

Among the fast-evolving website design companies in Qatar, we believe in keeping our clients abreast of latest web design technologies. We hope you find this list of web design trends helpful in your pursuit of having an updated web design in Qatar this year.

  • Website Design using Flexbox

Though CSS has become the standard layout for web designers to create engaging interfaces and web pages, the need for easy to manage layout features was widely felt. Flexbox is being referred as the ‘problem solving CSS layout’ and one of those web design trends which go beyond impressing clients and site visitors on an aesthetic level.
Flexbox is considered as an impactful new trend due to its ability to fix key web design and development problems that have piled up over the years. Flexbox enables web designers permanently overcome few problems and allows them to effectively use grid systems with an ability to even pursue a mobile-first approach that uses this layout. It is believed that flexbox will be effectively used by web designers across the globe in 2016 to create intuitive sites for their clients.

  • Web Designs to use more CInemagraphs

A cinemagraph is aptly described by cinemagraph. com as a living moment in an otherwise still photograph, one  that exists in the world in between a photograph and video to bring to life the image and make it last forever. 

As  a creative web design agency in Qatar, we have witnessed a steady rise in the requests for using GIFs and videos on websites. To add to the interactive element, web design trends hint more use of cinemagraphs on your website as they heighten the appeal of a HD image with just a hint of motion. Cinemagraphs can be effectively used on business websites related to travel & tourism, luxury, fashion, food, beauty, nature, sports, lifestyle etc.


Cinemagraphs credit:  www. cinemagraphs. com/lifestyle

  • Interactive Background Videos

In the age of visual communication and ever hi-speed internet connectivity, website backgrounds dont have to be boring and static. A web design trend which has been around for sometime, websites with video backgrounds will gain popularity in 2016.

Websites with video backgrounds are a great way of increasing the time site visitors spend on your website, eventually leading to more interaction with web content.  A well implemented creative video background  creates a rich immersive experience for users . Embedding an HTML5 video in a web pages background serves as an additional medium of engaging with site visitors.

  • Customization of mobile device layout

This web design goes beyond simply making a website look good on mobile devices. It aims to eliminate, move, adjust and replace specific elements when a website is accessed through a smartphone or tablet. Although the website remains the same, the code detects the device used to make the changes automatically and is applicable to not just text, but also images, movement, forms and more.

Customization of mobile devices layout will play an important role in 2016 to help set your site apart from competitors and impart a richer appeal to mobile device users.



http://creativealive. com/

As the year progresses, Whyte Company’s expert team of web designers in Qatar, will continue to keep you updated on dominant, progressive web design trends in Qatar. Looking through the compilation above, one can see that web design trends in 2016 continue to be a combination and culmination of multiple trends from the past few years.

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Want to revamp your website in 2016? Please feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch with Team Whyte to learn more about these web design trends.



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