5 powerful reasons you need to use video marketing

5 powerful reasons you need to use video marketing

2018 started as the full video-marketing revolution year as many marketers and organizations are leveraging the video platform to expand their reach.

According to the recent research reports published by many digital & event companies in Qatar, it is reported that “More than 60% businesses have initiated using video content marketing and above 80% of companies believing their ROI improved with the introduction of video content marketing.

A growing number of businesses are adopting social signals to spread the word about their companies.  They do it by using media such as videos and images to create interest in their product.


What stats are saying?

A Forbes Insight Study revealed that 59 percent of C-level decision makers prefer video into reading text since it helps them create deep connections with an organization and better understand product/service, staff and value propositions.  But most sales individuals still utilize white papers, case studies, sites and other parts of the document. Since paper doesn’t offer a private link, it isn’t any surprise why decision makers do not “have time” to sift through the data your advertising department invested so much cash on. Therefore, these decision makers, might not be educated on ways to support their business goals.

Because online video content marketing reaches out, advises and builds confidence with your clients faster, simpler and more efficiently than any other advertising medium, a well thought out strategy for utilizing online video promoting content on your business deals will distinguish your organization, offer you a competitive advantage to drive earnings. Even several exhibition companies in Qatar are now leveraging inbound & outbound marketing approach to maximize their reach.


1. Accomplish better SERP (Google Rank)

Statistically speaking, dull sites do not succeed.  Sites which contain unlimited pages of block text and graphics ranking low in Google search, meaning significantly less vulnerability.  Additionally, this scares away clients that wish to know products quickly, and buy it right then and there. Typically, the average person takes less than a minute to create a buying decision.  A video will get their attention instantly.


2. Start with Explainer Video to Clarify the Objective of your Product

A text could be tricky as there are a lot of ways people may translate what they read.  Explainer videos take the guesswork out by describing the usefulness and fundamental role of a service or product.  Individuals gain a better comprehension of product or service as soon as they see and listen to somebody clarify it.  An explainer video can help you to connect with your prospective customer by describing what your company can do for them and why they ought to select you over other competing companies.


3. Assist your Target Audience to Retain Information (or Brand)

In one of the studies, it is concluded an average person retains approximately 10%of what they hear, but 50% of what they see based on research conducted by Wharton Research Center.  What exactly does this mean to your industry? An increase in word-of-mouth advertisements. Word-of-mouth continues to be the most important way that companies attract clients. If the customer likes the product, they will share your video.


4. Boost the Online Traffic

It is not the first time you will hear the term “Going viral.” It is a phrase that’s been in existence since the advent of YouTube.  A viral video is one which apparently pops-up from nowhere and receives a massive viewing in a short time. Regrettably, there’s no established formula for “going viral,” but some products have gained fame through viral videos, such as a few of the brands we all know and love now.


5. Showcase your Brand Personality

The first thing which makes a client become a repeat customer is your brand personality.  It’s necessary that a client can put a face to your name. This is particularly true for online enterprises where the client is going to have little if any contact with you directly.  It helps an individual to get a feeling of confidence in you and the products you sell if they could see you and make a ‘virtual’ relationship.


Final Thoughts

Just like a decade ago when you needed the website, you’ll shortly require expert video promoting content to push your messaging.  Having said sooner will space your business in the rest by providing your customers simple to consume content they’ll like. And consequently giving your organization a competitive edge.

And corporate online video advertising using the right Branding companies Qatar make your online video may function better benefits to bigger companies that work hard to shape public awareness.  Marketing with online video for more prominent companies can encourage their sales teams with articles which distinguishes them in most parts of the earnings process. In other words, online advertising with video may grow to be a useful regular tool in the lifespan of a lengthy sales and promotion procedures.

Along with supplying your sales staff with advanced sales-tools that spaces your merchandise’ and solutions company value, you’ll be adding excitement to the purchasing experience to your clients.

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