6 Benefits of Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

6 Benefits of Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

Every business, big or small, has a website for a reason. But does it live up to its full potential is the point in case for most as their website may be missing few  key elements which also end up affecting their conversion rates.

In either case, youre focused on achieving one prime goal: to drive maximum traffic to your website. With an increasing awareness on the benefits of a website with high traffic, we often have clients enquiring about few methods to increase their website visitors engagement and experience.

With the expertise of one of the Best Mobile web design team in Qatar , Whyte Company compiles this list of 5 essential features your website design may be missing, resulting in turning prospective customers away.


Professional Photography

The famous adage,  A picture says a 1000 words stands very true in this day and age of digital consumption. Most businesses these days have a professional website. But very few of these websites focus on using the power of photography to connect with their site visitors.  Photos help break away from the monotony of text.   Hire a professional photographer, and watch the magic unfold with high resolution aesthetic photographs which capture the very essence of your brand.

Looking for a creative photography solution in Qatar? Get in touch with Whyte Company to know how we can weave magic into your overall website appeal with our photography services in Qatar.


 A Blog

In this information-driven era, where content is king, visitors mostly come to your website to explore a solution to their queries. A blog is a great way to provide value-added information to your site visitor. Blogging has been around for quite some time now and continues to evolve at a faster to add value to your website. Every new published blog-post gets you one more indexed web page.  Simply put, it gives your website an opportunity to show up in search engines. Also, through organic search, it also enables drive traffic to your website.

 Want to know how blogging works to improve your SEO, connect with us for more details.


Call-to-Action (CTA)

A simple, powerful and creative Call-To-Action prompts a site visitor to engage with your website to take an action which achieves the primary purpose of your website. This purpose may vary from actions:

–   asking a visitor to download an eBook

–  asking a visitor to fill a contact information form on your website,

–    get them to call you on a particular number, etc.


Social Media Links

With the ever growing popularity and usage of different social media platforms, it’s easy to expect a large base of prospective customers to be tapped in and engaged.

As a result, both small and big businesses look at including social media to create holistic marketing strategy.

Of all the social media networks, choose a few social media links to add on your website from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. which best suit your business  and regional popularity.

When you add social media links to your website, you’re simplifying it for users to connect to your official accounts, increase your followers, likes and posts engagement, encouraging followers to share your content to drive more traffic to your website and participate in much needed social listening to give you a heads up on what people like, dislike, need, etc.

Get in touch with our team of digital and social media marketing experts in Qatar to know just how and which social media platforms can best promote your business in the region.




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