6 Signs Your Website Needs a Redesign

6 Signs Your Website Needs a Redesign

Opting for website redesign may seem like an intimidating task for website owners. More so, for small-to-medium sized companies in Qatar, who often overlook the importance of having an updated web presence. As one of the leading website design companies in Qatar, we often have clients keen on having a sounder understanding of the website redesign queries constitute for a big chunk of our FAQ’s.  The numerous long-term benefits of having an updated website design in Qatar, developed at par with latest web design technologies,  inspires website owners to delve deeper in various aspects of the web redesign process.

Our team of Qatar web developers, have compiled this list of pointers that indicate your existing website design in Qatar needs a face-lift in terms of design, ease-of access, SEO, content and more to give you a positive head start ahead of the complex process. In short, we are attempting to answer the most commonly asked question on the topic, ‘Why do I need a website redesign?’


  1. Your website lacks RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN

A responsive website design optimizes itself to screen resolutions across devices mobiles, tablets and desktops without the ‘pinching-in and pinching-out’. If your website is not  easily accessible on multiple devices  you may be missing a chance to connect with the large number of mobile and tablet users searching for information  on-the-go. As a result of Google algorithm updates in the year 2015, mobile-friendly websites stand to get an edge in SEO, over mobile incompatible websites.

A RESPONSIVE WEBSITE DESIGN project in Qatar, successfully developed for AL JABER UNITED  by Whyte Creations.



A CMS helps you easily update & publish your website with latest information, company updates, industry news, portfolio and blogs.  Keeping the website updated with fresh content is crucial for SEO, as it intimates Google about the newly published content and leads to better indexing of your pages. At Whyte, we provide expertise in popular CMS solutions in Qatar, for open-source platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Magento and  Drupal as well as custom blogs  to complex e-commerce websites.


  1. Your WEB DESIGN needs enhanced FUNCTIONALITY

A website redesign is essential, if you’ve been thinking of incorporating a blog, forum, e-commerce integration or any other major feature or tool to your website. A website redesign can ensure that these additional features are seamlessly integrated with your website design.


Among the top companies in Qatar, Starlink World’s e-commerce website is feature-rich, responsive,  intuitive and user-friendly. A robust CMS, secure payment gateway, attractive menu and shopping cart are key features of the web design in Qatar.


  1. Your WEB SITE DESIGN isn’t aligned with your BRAND REDESIGN

If you’re brand recently had a revamp, it is likely you  consider a website redesign to promote and market your new brand identity and vision. Your website should correlate to the new branding to avoid any confusion and ambiguity in the mind of your site visitor while they look you up online. A new branding creates renewed  excitement and buzz around the brand in the related market or target audience. A website redesign is a great way of reaching out to existing and prospective customers and reinforce your new brand image.

An example of makeover for website design in Qatar, Hotrod Automotive’s website was developed to align with their stunning brand redesign in Qatar.



. Most web designers will suggest a website makeover every few years to shake things up and stay abreast of emerging web technologies.  Learn more about few popular website design trends in 2015.



Although it is not imperative to place many social media tabs on your website, you can select a few social media sites relevant to your business and incorporate the tabs on your website. For instance, in case of B2C businesses, we often get requests from our clients to place a tab of only social media sites like Facebook and Instagram which are more popular with the residents here. Whyte Company recommends you choose tabs where you keep your social media updated with fresh content and posts.

Google Analytics can help map visitors behaviour on your website. It also helps you map your website’s performance in terms of website statistic, traffic, conversions, visitors and bounce rate.  Remember to pay close attention to your content marketing strategy with a focus on search engine friendly content , easy information access to customers and clear calls-to action.

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