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eCommerce Features for Higher Consumer Engagement – Part I

Ecommerce has revolutionized the way organizations conduct business globally. Consumers on the other hand have gained smarter access to products & services at the proverbial ‘click of a button’. One of the main advantages an ecommerce website for businesses is it’s 24 x 7 accessibility for customers on a wider regional as well as global scale.

Qatar’s ecommerce sector has seen a steady rise with unique purchasing patterns and trends as observed across the Middle East.  Ecommerce websites have emerged as popular online shopping destinations with the successful transition of both new and existing brands on the portal across retail, food, fashion, luxury and electronics and many more niche sectors.  As Qatars ecommerce landscape continues to grow both large and small to medium enterprises can leverage the benefits of reaching out to a tech-savvy resident and expat community through a new sales channel.

Whyte Company’s team of developers compile this list of essential ecommerce website features for better consumer engagement which have a direct impact on your conversions in Part 1 of a two-part blog series.

Well-Structured Design, Intuitive Navigation

An ecommerce website should make it easy for consumers to browse products, learn more about their features and finally purchase the product. An intuitive navigation guides the user through the site without getting lost in the myriad of product categories.


Image credits: https://www. jonnyross. com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/user-experience-e-commerce-ux. png

Good Product Imagery

Irrespective of the sector, good, high quality photographs and creative yet concise product descriptions are inevitable to create a lasting impression. In the absence of the products touch and feel experience, images and factual product descriptions guide users with the final buying decision.

Secure Payment Gateway

A secure, trusted payment gateway suitable for your region reinstates consumer trust and protects them from data vulnerability & theft.  Choosing the perfect payment gateway solution and having verified logos and trust marks on you site will give assurance to your visitors.

Responsive Design

With Qatar’s high smartphone and tablet usage and higher speed internet connectivity, it is imperative that your ecommerce website is responsive and optimizes itself to varying screen sizes and resolutions.


Snapshot of Starlink World Qatar’s ecommerce website designed by Whyte Company blends shopping functionality, interactivity and a secure payment gateway for one of the leading Communication and Media retail logistic business in Qatar.

Social Login Option

Social Login options allow consumers to browse through the site without restrictions despite  not registering as a primary member  with your site.   Generally linked  with Facebook or Google + this feature still allows you to reach out to the site visitor with promotional mails  or newsletters and retain the engaged visitors who didnt make the purchase last time.

In-Site Search

A predictive and smart search box makes it easier for customers to find a specific product .   A quick search of the product is one of the first things consumers like to do after landing on the ecommerce website  e. g. SLI Systems, perferably auto-complete.

Quick Response time:

A fast loading website with quick response time for loading of images and other website content and the steps adding zero value can be eliminated for better customer engagement

Call to Action (CTAs)

CTA’s should visibly stand out on the website for visitors to notice and take an action on. You need to get creative with  CTAs and experiment with the message, layout, colour, size, font and placement to figure out which types of CTAs work best for your ecommerce website.

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Ecommerce Website Features for Better Consumer Engagement to be continued in Part II. . .


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