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eCommerce Features for Higher Consumer Engagement – Part Two

In Part – 1 of the blog, we explored the advantages of owning an eCommerce store and few essential features which help promote higher consumer engagement on your online store.

The presence of eCommerce continues to grow in our lives  as the industry sees an exponential rise in technological development and consumer usage around the world. In the Middle East, as Qatars eCommerce industry continues to flourish, large as well as small to medium enterprises are looking at leverage the benefits of this sales channel in the region.

Let us look at a few more decisive features which can directly impact your eCommerce website success and sustainability in a highly dynamic and competitive online marketplace.

Live Chat
An interactive live chat support will definitely heighten the shopping experience for your customers while browsing through your online store as it imparts the virtual version of a shopping assistant. The idea is to easily help people in real time while they’re on your site.

Customer Support

Having a reliable customer support definitely develops a prospective customer’s trust in your online store and assures them of sales and after sales support in case of returns, exchange and refunds.

Add a Value Preposition
Shopping on eCommerce websites largely became popular due to the value-added deals, freebies and value-adding deals  Adding value to any possible product that you sell is a very big plus point for your online store.

Designed by Whyte Company, Starlink World’s eCommerce website offers value added services and an impressive range of products as Qatar’s premium communications and media retail and logistics business.

Multiple Payment Options

Give consumers multiple payment options like Internet banking, cash on delivery and credit/debit card payments and voucher redeems as individual consumers have different perception of which payment methods are the best and the most secure according to their region.

Seamless Checkout Process

A seamless checkout experience may significantly reduce bounce rates as it eliminates potential hurdles in the ordering and payment process.

Clear Policies

While buying from an online merchant, clients are often required to take the leap of faith in regards to the product quality, service and satisfaction guarantees the online store and vendor may offer. Thus dedicating a space with clear policies empowers the customer make a suitable buying decision.

At Whyte Company, we understand the importance of nurturing long term relationships with your customers as in the end, despite being an eCommerce platform, it is still people interacting with people on the other side of clicks.

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