Fitting the Web Puzzle: Website Performance, Optimization, User Experience and Color Psychology

Fitting the Web Puzzle: Website Performance, Optimization, User Experience and Color Psychology

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The internet has connected regular people and companies around the world & opened up a second market for sales and communication. For a company to succeed with their web design in the virtual space, there are 4 very important factors that need to achieved to fit the web puzzle.

Website Performance

Determining optimal website performance based on usage is the first step to having a great web design. We have grouped together 3 subjects of web performance.

  • Clean Coding: Markup must be on point inside the website script. A website may look visually great on the outside, but with bad internals coding, it will have some errors and even loading issues. The W3C is a free service on the web that provides any person to check their website markup. This validator will search the code and list all the errors and will display line number location of errors existing. There will also be a recommendation on the bottom of the highlighted line that gives some info on the error. The W3C is one of the best ways to check a web page’s markup. This is an important step that every web script should go through before the final upload on the server. The goal is to have very few errors to no errors at all
  •  Responsive Layout: Responsive web design was once a popular trend, but now it is here to stay. There are millions of users out there today that arent just using desktops anymore. With the great use of different mobile devices and tablets, a website must find a perfect solution to fit in all of these devices. A responsive layout will auto resize for each and every device.

Learn more about benefits of a mobile-friendly web design in Qatar.

  •  All Working Pages: When a website is not on the server, it usually isnt char sensitive. When a website is uploaded to the server, the chars upper and lower case do make a big difference. A website must have all pages active and working. The char example above is one of the most common accidents and reasons why there are broken links on a web page. The key trick here is to do a broken link check after a website is uploaded onto the server and fix the broken links after discovering them.

Website Optimization (Website SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most craved things out there today. It is important for every website to have proper and clean SEO to rank on the web. We have grouped together 3 ways to increase set rank.

  • Keywords. Keywords play a very important role on SEO ranks. Every website should use keywords that will specifically describe their brand. Avoid using too general words and even stuffing too many keywords. This is a quality over quantity situation.
  • Blogging. WordPress has changed the internet by proving an easy blogging outlet for every person with little to no experience in coding to use. Blogging plays a big role in SEO. If quality content is coming out of a website, that certain website will be considered even more original and rank higher in search engines. WordPress provides an easy way to blog. It is recommended for every website to add a blog to their page. Learn more about benefits of a website based on open source content management systems.
  •  Web Analytics. Google and Bing both provide a free dashboard for websites owners to authorize and track their web performance. It is an important part of SEO for a website to get verified by both Google and Bing.

User Experience

The user experience plays a very effective role on the web. Every company that may want to sell a produce through their site or showcase an item, but it must please the regular website visitor for it to work. Website visitors will automatically judge a website once landing on it. There are 3 things that ever website should do to please the average web visitor. Here’s a detailed checklist of key web design elements to ensure high user experience for web designing in Qatar.

  • Menu: The most important part of satisfying a user is proving the average visitor with an easy navigational menu. The menu should be in a clear to see location and should only include the most important links on a website.
  • Company Relevance: When a web visitor lands on a website, they expect to read about something relevant that they have searched about  to lead to that site. A website must have a clear and understandable message for the average website visitor to clearly understand what their site is about. The H1 title tag is one of the most important tags that gives the regular user an intro to the site.
  • Great Designed Website:  A website must be visually attractive and unique to please the average user that lands on the page. Every company should portray a bit of their personality onto their website. A website should follow the latest web trends and have some personality spark in them to get the regular web visitor interested.

Color Psychology

Colors arent as simple as defined, There is a certain psychological understanding behind every shade. Colors represent feelings and a website should use colors very wisely. Every company has a different mood. A website may be very professional or very fun. Depending on what theyre trying to market, they should use specific colors to showcase those feelings. Discover below 3 great color tips.

  • Vibrant colors.  Vibrant colors are easy and carefree on the eye. Vibrant colors are adored by 80 percent of web visitors.
  • Bright Colors. Avoid bright colors on a web page. When a color is too bright, it can be irritating for the human eye and this will cause the regular web visitor to most likely click away from the page.
  • Unsaturated Colors. Unsaturated colors provide a boring ambiance on a web page. Avoid using unsaturated color tones on a website.



Use these 4 ways above to understand and fit that web puzzle!

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