Google Showing business competitor advertisement in your local business

Google Showing business competitor advertisement in your local business

The global digital market has now come up with a major crisis since April 2019 where the leading Google advertising agencies have been accused of showing International competent’s website on the local business search. On the contrary Google had assured to uplift businesses of local agencies by incurring low rates to serve them. The investors had also admitted that they had invested on the Google My Business platforms with complete knowledge about the risks incurred. The final decision made by Google was an assurance to fetch the local business competitors with international leads on their business profiles.

There is a high level of speculation whether there are illegal practices such as embezzlement of private data. There has been many instances where the International conglomerates offer hefty rates than the local ppc advertising companies  to keep their profiles updated which seem unaffordable to the users. However, once these ads begin to appear, it is very difficult to get them removed since it consumes a huge amount of time. This problem gets consequently even more complicated when these ads are shared on the social medias such as Facebook and LinkedIn where the local businesses are drastically down marketed.  The reason behind these ads getting more hype on international grounds is since Facebook platforms are controlled by Google.

Though it has been six months since the issue started, it has gained more of a significance in these days and is now extremely complex. The justification given from Google authorities is that such a move has been made to fetch International business leads to the firms. They concluded that this move was made with the help of an expert Google adwords consultant and that organizations prefer organic leads without a distinction whether they are International or local. Also, most users make a search with much personalization to get the best results.  The best example of such a search query is when people type, say, ‘tips to find SEO Companies near me in Qatar and they are provided with the best results according to the locality. This way, the users are enabled to choose the best local or organic options from the given set of preferences.

This infringement of competitive policies is a matter of concern which still has not been redressed by Google even though months have passed. The next question raised by many business organizations is whether the local businesses to be well recognized by the users like the global ones. Another major risk is when the advertisers do not mention their competitors on their profiles.

If you are one amongst those people who are facing similar issues and are an immigrant too, we recommend you to visit one of the leading digital marketing company in Doha. With the growth in number of digital marketers and the adequate use of technology, the suggestion for existing problems can be handled precisely. It is in fact one such issue which if extends to be the same in forthcoming days, might lead to a hefty loss in business.


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