Commercial Photography

  • At Whyte, we use photography to portray your business – be it advertisement, merchandising, menus in restaurants and cafes, brochures and pamphlets for various businesses or for magazines and so on. We enhance the content or matter you need to convey by capturing the right image for the context.

Virtual Tour

  • To help you save time, money and effort we help you prepare a 360 degree virtual tour of your home or office.

    The biggest advantage is that both the buyer and seller it gives maximum exposure and attracts a lot of potential buyers and potential sellers alike. Instead of spending time in locating the place and then more time in looking at the home you can have a tour of the home or office in your own comfort zone.The best part of having a virtual tour is like a guided view of all the nook and corner of each room with photos, maps and all the info you require to track the seller.

Product Photography

  • Whether you need a photo for your product on your website, or for a catalogue or printed brochures we at Whyte Creations can help you do so.

    We do a number of commercial works from jewelry, art, and clothing to still life photography. The aim is to keep your product in context and make it come alive. We do the shoot in our studio or at a desired location of your choice. It is important to note that real life like and eye catching photos are an essential part of your website.

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