Video Motion & Animation Services

  • When you take something that's inert, and give it life —make it appear to be alive, living, breathing thinking and having emotions, that's animation.

    At Whyte, our world-class animators turn your business services and products into saleable, exciting creations that will definitely guarantee customer attention and their valuable trust.

  • There is a growing trend in Qatar for businesses, and even start-ups inclining towards using video animation for their marketing and advertising strategies. Animation is an extremely effective and affordable way to boost your business. When utilized effectively, online animated videos can guide customers, explain concepts and products. Come and visit us with your next promotional idea; you will know: we aren’t bragging!

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Corporate Presentations

  • Former CEO of Ford, Lee Iacocca – whom we’d like to honor as the “father of the Ford Mustang” – once said: You can have brilliant ideas; but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.”

  • We concur! When we create presentations, they aren’t just mere slides… they are, LITERALLY, pictures that speak a 1000 words. At Whyte, we create the most interactive presentations, using Bitmap and Illustrator generated artwork, and translate your business ideas into the most appealing special effects that will not only add life to your brand but get your ideas flying. You want to make a lasting impact on stakeholders, workforces and clients? Use us!

Video Production

  • Film making is magical and videos lend a captivating visual of milestones, memories and experiences.

    And that’s why we bring to the table originality and creativity with a passion that has no equals – nothing less than magic itself! From conceptualization and research, to designing a storyboard, scripting, casting (oh yes, we do that too!), shooting, and all the post production drama – we give you the entire package in the budget you want.

  • mobile games and applications, children’s books, illustrations for medical content, 3D illustrations, architectural illustrations, graphics, maps etc.

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